selected short plays


An Instant Message
In the age of dial-up, a New Jersey teen saves up lunch money to buy a phone card to call her boyfriend in Kansas. Their first conversation might’ve gone like this. Or so she remembers.
A top 12 Finalist, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival
Originally developed with Clubbed Thumb, dir. Arpita Mukherjee

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Drexel University Playwriting Scholarship, 1st place

The Breeze From August
Buck’s County One Act Festival: Best Production
Buck’s County One Act Festival: Excellence in Writing

selected full length plays


Arrow of Time 
In the near distant future, work is closer than family and we continue to never quite notice the true value of time. The years pass by, the secrets to their importance washed away by the immutable existence of entropy. By the time they’re old, what will the Arrow of Time reveal to Cheryl, Bob, and Paul?
The Exponential Festival, 2023 Audio Production
Audio Production of the Year, Young-Howze Theatre Journal
Sound Designer of the Year (Leonie Bell), Young-Howze Theatre Journal
Dramatic Performance of the Year (Ben Holbrook), Young-Howze Theatre Journal
Dramatic Performance of the Year Nominee (Susannah Perkins), Young-Howze Theatre Journal
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The Hub
In the midst of puberty, 12-year-old Marissa discovers The Hub, a chat room where a group of young losers and outcasts can do or be anything, and together escape the confines of reality. Under the alias Ami-chan, Marissa begins her first relationship with a sixteen year old gamer, but soon finds that even online, it’s hard to hide who she really is. As Marissa learns to grow up in this new digital frontier, she will begin to understand just how much control she has over her own existence.
Playhouse 22 Reading Series, dir. Genevieve Blaise
Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Fellowship
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Nothing Remained But Voice And Bones
In second grade, Narcissus visits overweight Mel and informs her that she is cursed to search for perfection but to never find it. Unable to grapple with this truth, she spends a lifetime letting this curse define every relationship, even those between her past selves. Only Mel can find a way to break out of a cycle of self-hatred that keeps her from realizing what is truly beautiful about her body and her existence.
Clubbed Thumb Reading Series, dir. Jessi D. Hill
Theater Accident’s Hit & Run Series, dir. Jessi D. Hill
Semi-Finalist, New American Voices Playwriting Festival
Semi-Finalist, Normal Avenue NAP Series
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You Are The Dream
Didi and Dada are two early humans excited for the future, unaware of the progress and technology that is to come long after they stare at the moon. 30,000 years later, Fuu and Goten meet in an AOL chatroom on the cusp of adulthood, drawn to each other’s ability to imagine and pretend. A story about learning to once again love the possibility of potential.
Clubbed Thumb Commission
Workshop, Brick Theater, dir. Carl Holder


support + development
SoundLab, The Brick Theater
Early Career Writer’s Group, Clubbed Thumb
Workshop Theater, Spring 2022 Intensive
Road Theatre’s Under Construction 4 Writer’s Group

Recognitions + awards + commissions
Ensemble Studio Theatre/Sloan Commission, Extraordinary Machine
Finalist, 22/23 SohoRep Writer-Director Lab with Leonie Bell
Final Shortlist, 2022 Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize
The Constitution Commission, Clubbed Thumb
Semi-Finalist, Pipeline Theatre’s PlayLab
Nominee, 2018 & 2019, Playwrights’ Center, CORE Apprentice
Nominee, New Jersey Governor’s School of the Arts, Writing

Theatre Unbound’s Bittersweet Monologue Book

Playwriting Workshop Instructor, Women’s Performance Workshop, The Strand Theatre