artistic statement

I am a deeply emotional, angsty person who has spent the last thirty years trying to untangle and understand how and why I experience the world in the way I do. So I write plays like songs. I spend a lot of time making sure each line contains its own explosive emotional life. I like to lean into the melodrama of big emotions we all feel: love, longing, loneliness, aching. A big how and why stems from the fact that I experienced adolescence at the same time the Internet did, but as an chubby insecure girl with no confidence. Having gained a sense of self through theater, my goal is to always give the viewer a palpable thrill and remind them of their potential, of the miracle that is their beating heart.

My stories tend to depict the modern ways we communicate and alienate from each other both physically and digitally. I’m interested in externalizing the inner lives of humans living in an increasingly insular online world, and theatricalizing the humanity behind the flat avatars we interact with on social media. I like to juxtapose small worlds against the larger constructs of time and systems, and in doing so keep the dream of community alive, and alienation at bay.