welcome <3

I am a NJ/NYC based playwright who is interested in technology, navigating the world as a woman, and how being a woman and technology intersect. Sometimes I write about these things together, sometimes separate.

And I’m deeply interested in emotions and how theater makes us feel in the *moment* – not only how we replicate or demand emotions from an audience, but how we learn to be more in-tune, and not closed off, from those emotions, whether beautiful or ugly.

My favorite musicians are Joanna Newsom and Björk, and my favorite filmmaker is Miyazaki Hayao. Asking me about my favorite playwrights and plays may take a much longer response, but I hope to have that conversation with you someday.

Oh and I have five bunnies: Bonnie, Luna, Misty, Gussy and Olivia, and a one-eyed cat that I affectionately call Little Man.

I received my BFA from Eugene Lang, The New School for Liberal Arts, in 2012, with a concentration in Writing.

In 2018, I received my Playwriting MFA from Augsburg University.

Thank you so much for visiting my page – I hope we can someday meet, and chat, and make something together.

with warmth,


news ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

* UPCOMING October 12 2021 * Nothing Remained But Voice and Bones reading with Clubbed Thumb. Details TBA. Directed by Jessi D. Hill

* August 2021 * A monologue from Nothing Remained But Voice and Bones has been included in Theatre Unbound’s Bittersweet Monologue book to commemorate their closing.

* August 2021 * My short play An Instant Message was named one of the top 12 plays for the 2021 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival. Congratulations to the final six!! <3

* June 2021 * My short play An Instant Message has been selected as one of the top 30 plays for the 2021 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival. Here’s my fun interview

* September 2020 * I was invited to be a part of the Early Career Writer’s Group at Clubbed Thumb with a bunch of amazing folks. Look how cute we are!!

* April 2020 * Excited to share I will be a part of the inaugural SoundLab at The Brick with a group of amazing people! Check out the details here and support The Brick!!!!