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Original Artwork by Nick Simko

In the near distant future, work is closer than family and we continue to never quite notice the true value of time. The years pass by, the secrets to their importance washed away by the immutable existence of entropy. By the time they’re old, what will the Arrow of Time reveal to Cheryl, Bob, and Paul?

an audio play

a tender-odyssey told in 60 micro-scene-years

featuring Susannah Perkins, Ben Holbrook, Abe Goldfarb, Leonie Bell, Ryan William Downey, Theresa Buchheister

voice direction by Theresa Buchheister sound design by Leonie Bell audio engineering by Kegan Zema video design by Steven Matarazzo original music by Chris Sabol

Monday, January 9 @ 8PM EST
YouTube // The Exponential Festival
More Information Here

news ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

*January 2023* My new play Arrow of Time is now available on YouTube.

*December 2022* Introducing Mind Dream Theater, a property-less audio venue for new emerging work.

*September 2022* My audio play Arrow Of Time will premiere Monday January 9 2023 on YouTube as part of The Exponential Festival.

*August 2022* I was a finalist for the SohoRep 22/23 Writer/Director Lab with my friend and collaborator, the amazing Leonie Bell.

*June 2022* I am included in the final shortlist for the 2022 Alpine Fellowship. <3

*April 25 2022 * Excited to be sharing the next version of Nothing Remained But Voice and Bones with Theater Accident, directed by the incredible Jessi D. Hill. RSVP here! And PS it’s on ZOOM

* April 2022 * I’ll be joining the Spring Intensive at Workshop Theater!

* October 12 2021 * Clubbed Thumb reading series!! Nothing Remained But Voice and Bones at the Wild Project. Directed by Jessi D. Hill. –> RSVP HERE! <–

* August 2021 * A monologue from Nothing Remained But Voice and Bones has been included in Theatre Unbound’s Bittersweet Monologue book to commemorate their closing.

* August 2021 * My short play An Instant Message was named one of the top 12 plays for the 2021 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival. Congratulations to the final six!! <3

* June 2021 * My short play An Instant Message has been selected as one of the top 30 plays for the 2021 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival. Here’s my fun interview

* September 2020 * I was invited to be a part of the Early Career Writer’s Group at Clubbed Thumb with a bunch of amazing folks. Look how cute we are!!

* April 2020 * Excited to share I will be a part of the inaugural SoundLab at The Brick with a group of amazing people! Check out the details here and support The Brick!!!!

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