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Recipe: Chocolate Candy Cane Cake Ball Truffles


Holiday baking mode is fully on this week. I wanted to try and make something with peppermint/candy cane because whenever I walk into the store, I see all kinds of candy cane season stuff: peppermint bark, peppermint chocolate kettle corn, peppermint chocolate pretzels. It’s madness! This recipe for cane cane cake ball truffles can and will solve your craving if you are like me and in desperate need for some seasonal peppermint. Plus, the colors are just so lush and pretty. Everyone loves cake balls!

Before the cut, and my recipe, I wanted to give a quick shout out to an old friend (from the days of IRC and the existence of Toonami) who needs some holiday-time help. Elizabeth’s cat, Molly, has pancreatitis but the sudden hospital and vet bills are a hardship for Liz and her husband. You can read the full story on her tumblr, and find a link to donate to help them get Molly the best care possible. Any leftover money they will donate to a local SPCA. It’s rough for many people this time of year, but any little bit helps, especially for a companion animal who is in need and brings joy into their home.

With that said, you can find the recipe below!

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Pistachio Cake Balls

A great coincidence for my first post because I had the idea in my head to make a cake-ball version of a favorite cake in my family.

This cake is definitely one of my earliest cake memories, because every year my Dad would make a Pistachio cake with this amazing pistachio frosting for St. Patrick’s Day. (Green, get it?) The surprise ingredient: Royal instant pudding mix. Just mix it with some cake mix, some whipping cream. It sounds kind of lame, but trust me, it’s a very wonderful, fluffy cake!

My bestest friend Remi introduced me to cake balls. So to converge my past with my ever-awesome present, I’ve decided to make some … Pistachio cake balls!

So for the sake of my father’s “tradition”, you will need:


-One box, or your favorite recipe, of any white/vanilla cake. (Pinky swear, this is the last time you’ll see me use a boxed cake mix! However I recommend the boxed for this version due to some recipe changes)

-Seltzer water

-One package of Royal instant pistachio pudding mix

-Optional – more green dye to make it super cool looking (not pictured here)


-A pint of heavy whipping cream

-One package of Royal instant pistachio pudding mix

-Two bags of white chocolate & semi-sweet, or four of either

-Optional toppings – pistachios, sprinkles, nuts, glazes, etc.


So be sure to preheat your oven to your recipe’s designated temperature, and prepare a regular 13 x 9 pan – or, for whatever is handy, since the cake part will be destroyed anyhow.

So if you are using a boxed cake mix, simply follow the ingredients, but for the water aspect of the recipes/directions used, replace with seltzer water. Mix everything and add the Royal pistachio mix. It’ll be a light green when thoroughly mixed. Put the batter in your prepared pan and bake at the time suggested by the directions.

As the cake cooks, beat the entire pint of whipping cream with another package of the pistachio pudding mix. Beat on high until soft but firm “icing” forms (it’ll be very light, like thick whipped cream). At this point, we’d merely decorate the cake and eat immediately. But we’re pushin’ to the limit this time.

Here is where the cake-ball process begins. It’s a tedious job but its also very, very fun, and comes out very delicious!

Once the cake is out, cool it completely. Then crumble it. As best as you can so there isn’t too bad huge chunks of firm cake. Then spoon in all the icing. I recommend mixing with a spoon at first to incorporate the icing, and then, eventually, you’ll want to use your hands, to really get the icing all around.

Then you want to line something that can fit in your fridge, and roll balls – size of your choice – but generally cake balls are small, like an inch or so, though I’ve seen some people make them extra large. Whatever you feel!

I was able to get around 40 or so balls out of this recipe. Once done, there’s a two-step process (for me at least) in getting them at the right chocolate-dunking stage. Place them in the fridge for an hour or so, just to settle the mixture (because they are very fragile at first). Once settled, move to the freezer (which may require putting them in to a freezer bag or smaller container). Another 2-3 hours, and they should be firm enough to withstand heated chocolate.

So here’s the big moment. I think its best to be strategic about how much chocolate, in how many increments, etc. you’re willing to haul these little guys. I chose to melt half a bag at a time, and started with white chocolate. I merely just microwaved but double broiler would work, too.

Once chocolate is melted, just plop a cake-ballĀ preemieĀ in roll it around. You can either dunk it in with a lollipop stick – to make “cake pops,” or just be like me and roll it around with a spoon. I then plop them on to some wax paper to dry.

Here are some I made using semi-sweet chocolate. I chose to top them off with some pecans. If you want to use a topping, definitely do so while the chocolate is still sticky! I also made green royal icing glaze for my white chocolate ones – nothing too fancy.

I chose to do half the batch – and ended up using one bag of each kind of chocolate, making some at half a bag with each melting-period – so about 12 balls or so a bag. But then again, I was very generous with how much chocolate I let stick on these things.

Was it worth it to take a time-honoured Dwyer Cake, and modernize ? I would most certainly say yes!:

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