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In Loving Dedication to Oswald


This is Oswald. Her story is a long one, and one that led to a huge surprise in my life, and a lot of lessons learned about rabbits and rabbit care. She left us last week. The pain is still there, and I still tear up when I think about her. But I need to write about this, because I want to remember her, and want to give her a proper goodbye.

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ThanksLiving 2012

Beatrice & Boone wolf down a buffet of amazing food

Every week I say it’s time to update the blog, and on this rainy Friday I finally have found some time. It’s of course perfect timing because now I can share my experiences from attending ThanksLiving at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary last Sunday, October 14!

If you are not familiar with ThanksLiving, its a very lovely concept: each year Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary hosts a banquet fundraiser which also acts as an event to celebrate the continuation of living for those animals who are fortunate to live at the sanctuary. The event focuses most adorably on the turkeys, who get their own little feast before every else gets to eat.

I had always wanted to attend ThanksLiving but never quite found the money or time – but this year I made a concerted effort to make sure I could go, and it was every bit worth the money. The event is always sold out, and with good reason – its extremely fun! A days worth of hanging out at the farm, in Woodstock in the autumn, with gorgeous weather and beautiful animals and people. The food, a full vegan Thanksgiving meal, was prepared by Kevin Archer,  along with desserts from the greatest bakery ever, Vegan Treats!

Along with food, there was a lot of wonderful things to do within the tent set up for the event. There was a silent auction, where you could bid on such things as VIP Daily Show tickets, a Vitamix, and vegan shoes. There was also an amazing raffle, including giftcards to amazing stores & restaurants, a Lush boxset, cook books, etc. The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary store was also set up, and so I bought a really nice t-shirt.

Inside the dining area for ThanksLiving

It was also wonderful because I bumped into Emily from Jersey City Vegan! Emily’s blog is one I admire a lot. Emily is extremely passionate about animal rights activism and her bubbly personality and enthusiasm is inspiring. She was volunteering there all weekend – something I’d like to try next year, as I am now becoming more and more familiar with the sanctuary! And I’d like to mention that with the event, each attendee receives a goodie bag of vegan gifts. Inside each bag also included an adorable mini Thanksgiving cookbook, with recipes by Emily! I am definitely going to try making these recipes for my family this year.

Emily, who was volunteering at the raffle table, was there to celebrate with me when I found out I won something!: a $50 giftcard to Turquoise Barn in the Catkills, an all vegetarian/vegan Bed and Breakfast retreat. I don’t normally win things, so this was wonderful. But even more rewarding was the fact that earlier in the day I had lost a necklace in Woodstock that meant a lot to me. I was upset in the morning but ended the day feeling a lot better. Especially after having attended ThanksLiving!

What is most important to remember about the event however, beyond the raffles and wonderful food, is that it is a fundraiser to help Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary continue to function throughout the year and take care of its 200+ residents.  Jenny Brown mentioned in her speech that it costs over $600,000 to run the farm yearly. Every little bit counts, so please consider sponsoring an animal or donating or buying a $50 membership, so that the residents of the farm can continue to live out their natural lifespans in peace.

For more photos (taken by Steven Matarazzo), click below!

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I’m now a mother!

Actually, not technically a mommy, but a sponsor to a beautiful turkey! For one year I opted to sponsor a turkey at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I chose a turkey because the first time I met a rescued ” broiler ” turkey (its body being bred to be white and larger-than-normal), we really hit it off – they’re very beautiful creatures up close.  Today in the mail I received a card with the lucky turkey I’d be sponsoring, Beatrice!:

My baby!

Inside the card it reads:


Beatrice came from a commercial turkey farm, but was spared the usual fate when she was purchased live and given as a Thanksgiving gift to  a man on Staten Island, NY. Unable to care for this rapidly growing bird, he passed her to Carolyn, a local wildlife rehabber. In the two weeks that Carolyn cared for Beatrice, she followed her around everywhere and loved to be showered with attention. “It was like having another dog!” she said. Carolyn called WFAS in search of a loving home for Beatrice and we were thrilled that we had room for her here.

Since Beatrice arrived, staff and volunteers have been charmed by her friendly and affectionate nature. She loves to be around people and often sits to have her beautiful, white feathers strokes. After spending some time with Beatrice, one of our new volunteers proclaimed, “I’ll never eat turkey again. I’ll probably become vegan after this experience.” Welcome home Beatrice!

This weekend my boyfriend Steve and I will be visiting the sanctuary, and hopefully get to meet Beatrice! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos to share this weekend, and possibly cover the town of Woodstock.

You can find out how to help donate or sponsor an animal at WFAS here.

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