What on Earth Is This Blog?!

You are probably asking, where the hell have I just landed?


Wasn’t this originally just “Baboo Bakery?” Wasn’t this girl never updating, and when she did, she was here and gone. like a leaf on the wind? (But not as charming as Mr. Washburn, indeed).

This blog began in 2011 as a silly little hobby spot for me to document the various sweets I’d bake and create, things I’d maybe sell in a bakery if I had the good fortune to ever have one. But, as I explained in this post, I had a busy year which also led to a life-style change – I had decided to transition from vegetarian to vegan, something which had been on my mind for a while.

I decided to definitely try in April, after visiting an animal sanctuary, and it’s been going swell ever since!

Hip Hip Hooorayy!!!

But in the back of my mind I remembered this blog, and I knew I wanted to do more with it, and I realized it has the potential to be anything.

So I decided to turn this little “Baboo Bakery” into a mixture of fun things – things which would reflect my experiences in meaningful ways.  A blog that would be fun for me while also, hopefully, being fun for others.

So what do you expect to find in this blog? The all-new-Baboo Bakery?! Well some features I plan to work on include:

  • New recipes – baking, but also the occasional snack, lunch, dinner, or food tip for your home or out and about. Many of these posts will reflect a transition from vegetarian to vegan – how to make things simple, and etc.
  • Reviews – I’d like to review a myriad of things, from vegan restaurants to stores, to products
  • Travel posts – Towns, restaurants, day trips – anything that relates back to being vegan friendly
  • Articles & Interviews – Down the line, I’d like to write articles that involve events, or animal issues, or people who can help us to learn about these topics.
  • Various other things – photos, videos, you name it!

I promise to make posts more often, on anything, even it’s something silly – like, I just ate a pound of EnjoyLife baking chocolate bits with no pants on while watching The Venture Bros. or I took a nice photo of this adorable squirrel. See? See? Ain’t he cute?!

We’ll see how this goes.

Now here’s what I know you wanted, a picture of me with the best Peke on the planet!:

Me and my husband

With warmth,