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If you aren’t already familiar with them, Your Daily Vegan is an amazing, in-depth, hard-working vegan news source site that focuses less on recipes and lifestyle, and more on news and discussions which relate to veganism as a whole. From health advice to think-pieces to profiles on animals and their biology (they seriously do a wonderful job writing posts dedicated to informing the public on animals, especially ones less romanticized), Your Daily Vegan does its best to be a source of information for the vegan who never wants to stop learning.  We like to think our veganism ends with the absolution of all animal products, but we never, ever stop learning, and never should.

And I am beyond happy to be announcing on my little blog here that I will be contributing to this fantastic group as a writer for the Sanctuary Spotlight section. The Sanctuary Spotlight section of Your Daily Vegan focuses on anything and everything sanctuary related, from profiles on sanctuary owners and resident animals, to news items about recent acquisitions of residents, to events and more. This is a personally fulfilling opportunity that happened to me, and one that means a lot.

I have a really, really big interest in sanctuaries, and over time I hope to visit as many as possible. But more importantly, when I cannot physically visit, the next best thing to do is to just let other vegans, even non-vegans, know that there are hard-working, extremely dedicated sanctuaries just within driving distance. Ones that need help, volunteers, support, and donations.  These places provide homes for animals that are the victims of a system we deplore, and they need our help. We can make our activism count by actually taking action and helping these animals.

You can read my introduction post here, where I briefly go over my own personal journey towards being vegan, and, eventually, my connection to sanctuaries and how important they are are in bridging one’s perceptions of animals as individuals.  Keep an eye out on Your Daily Vegan, not just for my posts, but in general, because the woman running the site is so damn good at what she does, and has the passion which drives the site to be the quality it is. And all the writers as well, who write really thought provoking articles that push the conversations we should be having as vegans.

And I promise to give my own little blog some loving, too.  I have some words I want to share about recent bunny-related events in my life for a separate post that I am working on now. For now, however, I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and I continue to feel really fortunate and moved.