Recipe (Revisited): Peanut Butter Cups


When I announced this blog would be going vegan, I mentioned I would go back and try and re-create some of my previous non-vegan recipes. With Valentine’s Day a week away, I thought it’d be best to revisit a great one: peanut butter  cups! Everyone loves peanut butter cups, and these make great gifts. I recently veganized the recipe as a gift for my boss, and they were a hit.

Sadly I took no new photos of the vegan version, but they are extremely similar to the ones posted above. Plus, they’re already thematic!

I really love chocolate, especially vegan dark chocolate bars. I’ve found a few brands I like at the store, but I recently found out that I love chocolate from the company Rescue Chocolate. After trying them one time, they’ve become my go-to for chocolate all the time! Rescue Chocolate is amazing for a  number of reasons, the first being that 100% of their profits go towards organizations which help animals. Each month they also choose another organization to include in their donations.

Each chocolate flavor benefits a specific animal organization, ranging from shelters to educational programs. I highly recommend the Peanut Butter Pitbull (which goes towards helping  change the world’s perceptions of pit bulls), and Foster-ific Mint (which goes towards foster programs for shelters), and Forever Mocha (which goes towards behavioral training programs). Each bar  has some of the most unique chocolate flavors I’ve ever tried. The Foster-ific Mint is especially delicious, it tastes like a Thin Min cookie. They have other highly creative flavors as well, including a spicy pepper one, a ‘bacon’ one, and a fig one, as well as truffles and bonbons. For Valentine’s, they have adorable heart shaped truffles filled with raspberry cream. Overall, I think its a great way to receive some extremely well made chocolate while also helping out amazing organizations and a really wonderful company.

For the recipe for the peanut butter cups, click below. Next Recipe Revisited will most likely be my Soda Bread recipe!

Peanut Butter Cups


1 cup creamy all natural peanut butter, well stirred

1/4 cup EarthBalance or other vegan margarine

1/4 cup light brown vegan sugar*

1  cup powdered sugar

2 bags of EnjoyLife vegan baking chips (dark chocolate)

4 tablespoons vegetable shortening

*If you do not have vegan light brown sugar on hand, mix one cup of vegan sugar with 1 tablespoon of molasses, until well combined. This will make brown sugar. You can use the 1/4 cup and save the rest on hand for another recipe (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?)Image

Peanut Butter Filling:

In a small sauce pan, melt the EarthBalance, brown sugar, and the peanut butter, stirring constantly until well its blended, and it slightly boils. Once well combined and warm, take it off the heat and add the powdered sugar, a 1/4 cup at a time, stirring thoroughly. The consistency will become very stiff. Then let this mixture settle to room temperature (although I prefer to put it in the fridge because it will be easier to roll later).

Step 1: 

Melt half of your bag (or one of your bags) of EnjoyLife in the microwave with two tablespoons shortening (the other two will go with your next set of chocolate). Be sure to thoroughly stir the melted chocolate with the shortening. Then, drizzle a teaspoon or so of chocolate into each baking cup. The mixture should just fill it up (you don’t need to do anything fancy other than drizzle it in there). I’d say be conservative and don’t pool too much chocolate to the bottom. As you can see in the photos, the first time I used quite a lot.

Step 2:

With your cooled peanut butter mixture, roll out little balls, no more than a teaspoon (or less), and place them all on the wax paper lined baking sheet (make an equal number for the amount of cups you lined with chocolate). Then, at the end, push them down a little to make them look like round discs. Place in the fridge, and let them cool/harden.

Step 3:

Time to melt some chocolate again – use the second bag of EnjoyLife, with the two tablespoons of shortening. Take out your cooled cups, and peanut butter fillings. Place the fillings center into each half-filled cup. From here, drizzle more chocolate on top of each. You want the chocolate very melted/smooth so it slides into the sides of the cup and fills to the top.  Place in fridge once more, and let it sit until hardened.

Once they’re done, feel free to add them to whatever cute little box or bag you want. Or you could just make them for yourself! Either way, they’re a great gift for friends for special occasions, and they’re mighty delicious.

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