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Promise this will be my photo-laden post, but I also went a little crazy selecting photos for this trip.  I mean, come on, I was there for a month – of course the photos piled up. I took so many photos that my host father Patrizio would laugh every time I took out a camera.

But can you blame me? Just look for yourself:

I was there during my birthday. And I’m glad I was!

You know what that is. Best ever – aside from the ones I made with my host mom.

My host mom’s sister (and Joanna, a fellow student who she was hosting) made this berry tiramisu for my birthday!

Random bakery marzipan fishies!

Zeno Gelateria was the best gelato I had while there – especially the Pistachio flavor.

Dinner at my host mom’s cousins home. This was an amazing Zucchini pie that I want to recreate!

This was the adorable breakfast Joanna and I had at a place we found on, in Florence.

I found out that in Florence, it’s popular to dip cantucci into wine. I had always tried this with coffee – but, trust me – this was the best thing ever!

Making gnocchi!

Here is the result – so beautiful, right? I took the recipe home with me and intend to cook a giant dinner for mine and Steve’s family. I promise to post photos.

This simple drink – espresso with whipped cream  – was my favorite little discovery while away.

I can’t not share a pizza shot. There you go! This one was in Rome – not my favorite – my favorite was, of course, my host mom’s!

Upon my arrival, my host mom told me she had seen my blog (much to my embarrassment), so I promised her I would bake something. I chose my family’s timeless classic, Irish soda bread. I swear, measuring baking materials in grams/metrics takes a lot of stress out of the process! It came out differently, but in a good way, and they loved in none-the-less, which made me really happy!

Finally, here’s a shot of me standing next to the James Joyce statue in Trieste. I went there (actually, a month ago yesterday), with my host mom. We had some amazing strudel and black forest torte, since the city has Austrian roots. No photos, but trust me, it was amazing!

OK, one more! This little froggy is an in-joke between my sister and I. Here he is enjoying Venice.

I saw so much in such a short period, but I am full of great memories now. And hopefully, at some point, Silvana & Patrizio are reading this post. I hope to see them again one day!

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