1a. Early design and initial concept for a mobile design of an IEEE web application.

1b. Further refined design with some changes.

1c. A later mock-up of the mobile design.

2. Pet Connect Mobile App UX Design. Created in Axure.

3a. VegifyMe mobile app mockup. Created in Axure.

3b. Napkin sketch compared to UX mockup. Created in Axure.

3c. Another napkin sketch compared to UX mockup. Created in Axure.

4a. My Real Rabbits Stickers app on the Apple App Store. Designed and 40 adorable rabbit stickers for the iMessage platform.

4b. Here are some examples of the detailed rabbit stickers I created for this app.

4c. The design of some of the rabbit stickers are meant to appear over or under the messaging bubbles.

Internal IT "Help Out" app low fidelity mockup. Created in Axure.

Early UX Mockup of PES Chapter Locator Mobile App (2013) This was used to spark interest in the project before it was approved.