eNews Update Newsletter [2007]: This is the original eNews Update newsletter with a design from 2007. It used an old HTML format which had some problematic issues. It was also very long and usually weighed in at 4-6 pages per issue. The tool we used to send the email was an internal tool and did not allow for any reporting or analytics.

eBulletin 1st Draft Layout [2010]: After battling with the old format we decided it was best to move forward by drafting a new email format. First designs were similar to the older format, however we decided a condensed (less than 1 page) email would be best.

eBulletin 2nd Draft Layout [2010]: After feedback on the 1st draft the Site Links area was moved to the right side and the header was cleaned up a bit. This draft was presented to the volunteers and was approved.

eBulletin 3rd (Final) Draft Layout [2010]: The final layout includes the new name for the email blast, the eBulletin.

Layout with size and colors

eBulletin - 1st Edition [2010]: [This design completed by web vendor who also created the HTML code]. This is the final result, the first message to be sent out using the new format. We also used the MailChimp email marketing tool to make list management easier, allow us direct reporting / analytics and exact control over when our messages went out. Overall our members and volunteers were very happy with the end result.